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Jan 20, 2017 · But thought that it did not live up to my expectations and has not bean updated for 2 years, I tried Cura but could not get the result I wanted. I decided to try to write a new post script for Slic3r. As you can se on the pictures I have only tested in software and simulation, but I feel like I'm ready for testing on my 3D printer this weekend. Note: post-processing scripts can be written in any language (Perl, Python, Ruby, Bash etc.). They just need to be executable and to accept the path to the G-code file as the only argument. In the Output options section of the Print Settings tab lies the Post-processing scripts option. The absolute path to each script can be added, separated by ... .

Of course we wouldn't be discussing that issue if there was a pause function in the GUI. Not everyone wants to write gcode or post-processing scripts. I recall CURA has a "pause at height" function included. Just specify where you want to pause (in mm, not layer, so changing slice parameters doesn't affect it!), and the rest is automatic.

Not bad. In return, you give up a lot of detail. The MOARSTruder is great for printing large parts that don't need tiny details replicated or good surface quality. Haven't tried any post-processing on the parts to see if the surface quality can be improved (e.g., acetone mist or XTC-3D). Make a Seamless Captive Nut in a 3D Printed Part: A captive part is a piece of hardware that is embedded or attached to another such that it's "trapped" inside. This is particularly useful in applications where you want to mount something like a tensioning nut or a leadscrew nut for linear motion... But there’s not a lot of guidance out there around using slic3r and the Da Vinci. Most of the users it seems are hard core hackers, makers and hobbyists so someone new to 3D printing (like me) is left wondering how can I make my prints better. Well, here’s my first post regarding my journey to discover the world of 3D printing.

Some time ago I mentioned about post processor script to make Simplify3D and possibly other slicers work with Prometheus System. As is probably known by all, only Cura slices models properly for Prometheus, Simplify3D and others simply don't either support enough features (missing or inadequate purge tower) and the filament switching g-code routines aren't robust enough (purge trail not ... CuraScript SD supplies biologics, branded drugs, generics, vaccines, infused medications and ancillary supportive care products for office or clinic administration to a wide range of medical providers.

These changes were inserted using Lulzbot Cura’s built-in ColorChange postprocessor extension. The ColorChange script seems to have a bug in it such that the layer detection logic does not reliably function. This means that the layer index is often incorrect and should be verified in the g-code. I have developed a CURA Python Post Processing script that is almost there allowing the UPBOX+ to work using CURA 3.6 as the slicer. The axes all home correctly, the Z height is calculated by the Python PostProcessing script correctly based on the height in upstudio for when the platform touches the nozzle. Register your device, search our online guides, FAQs, videos, and troubleshooting tips, or open a case with our support agents.

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  • Cura is a free slicing software that is created by Ultimaker. Cura has a lot of features, and these are definitely for the advanced user. If you’re serious about doing your own slicing and want to do advanced things that go beyond predefined basic slicing settings, then the Cura slicing software is definitely a good slicer to try out.
  • Cura not starting on Windows 10. Some users started reporting that Ultimaker Cura 4.3 and higher did not start properly, fur unknown reasons. We have implemented some code to get a better understanding of the issue, but we have not been able to fix it just yet.
  • I installed Perl and associated *.pl files with the software. Now, after slicing the model, Slic3r runs the post-processing script automatically with Perl. The problem is that the scripts posted here do not seem to do anything. I am not familiar with that code so I would love if someone could do it for me (if it's not too hard).
  • I then discovered that Slic3r has an option to run post-processing scripts, but still, threedub seemed not to work correctly as a post-processing script directly. So, i wrote a helper script that allows Anthem's threedub python script to be called from Slic3r directly as a post-processing script.
  • The hardware has been setup according to the Electronics Manual (jumper and diode mods). I have not yet printed anything as I am waiting for ABS to be delivered but I have all axis working properly and Slic3r Gcode running (with slight modifications). Calibration is based on the default recommended settings and all units are in millimeters!

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